How to Use the CryptoPunks Contract

The easiest way is to use MyEtherWallet which has added CryptoPunks to their contract dropdown. If you prefer to use an Ethereum wallet on your computer, the main CryptoPunks contract can be found at address 0xb47e3cd837dDF8e4c57F05d70Ab865de6e193BBB. Watch this contract in your Ethereum wallet using that address and this ABI file.

Once you are watching the contract you can execute the following functions to transact punks:

  • getPunk(uint index) to claim ownership of a punk (this is no longer useful as all 10,00 punks have been claimed).
  • transferPunk(address to, uint index) transfer ownership of a punk to someone without requiring any payment.
  • offerPunkForSale(uint punkIndex, uint minSalePriceInWei) offer one of your punks for sale to anyone willing to pay the minimum price specified (in Wei).
  • offerPunkForSaleToAddress(uint punkIndex, uint minSalePriceInWei, address toAddress) offer one of your punks for some minumum price, but only to the address specified. Use this to sell a punk to a specific person.
  • enterBidForPunk(uint punkIndex) enters a bid for the punkIndex specified. Send in the amount of your bid in the value field and we will hold that ether in escrow.
  • acceptBidForPunk(uint punkIndex, uint minPrice) to accept a pending bid for the specified punk. You can specify a minPrice in Wei to protect yourself from someone switching the bid for a lower bid.
  • withdrawBidForPunk(uint punkIndex) will withdraw a bid for the specified punk and send you the ether from the bid.
  • buyPunk(uint punkIndex) buy punk at the specified index. That punk needs to be previously offered for sale, and you need to have sent at least the amount of Ether specified as the sale price for the punk.
  • withdraw() claim all the Ether people have previously sent to buy your punks.

How can I buy CryptoCurrencys?

Cryptocurrencies can be bought on online exchanges or in person.

  • Coinbase – buy using your paypal, debit/credit card & bank account
  • LocalBitcoins – trade online or locally with individuals.
  • Bitstamp – largest Bitcoin exchange based in Europe

Where Do I Keep CryptoCurrencys?

You keep your Cryptocurrencies in a wallet that can be stored in a computer or online.

  • BlockChain – easy to use web wallet
  • Coinbase – also provides wallet service as well as payment integration for businesses
  • MyEtherWallet – wallet service

Useful Tools

  • ETH Gas Station – User oriented, real-time metrics on gas price, wait times, and miner policies on the Ethereum network.
  • Unit Converter – Wei, Kwei, Mwei, Gwei, Szabo, Finney, Ether, Kether, Mether, Gether, Tether Unit Converter.
  • Custom Background –



Market Analysis

10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

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